In terms of the newest covid regulations in Hungary:


Updated on Monday, March 7th, 2022. 

As of Monday, March 7th, Hungary has a full vaccination rate of 75%, and a 40% booster rate.

Most Covid Regulations Have Been Lifted In Hungary With Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Leisure Time Facilities, Universities, Casinos, Shops, Malls And Services Open For Personal Use.

No masks are mandatory anymore at any places (not even at medical facilities, public offices or on the public transport).
Immunity cards
No immunity cards are required anymore to participate in any event or enter any place in Hungary.
All restrictions related to events (any kind of cultural, sport, family events, etc) are lifted.
Mandatory vaccination
Employers are not allowed to mandate vaccination at workplaces (except for certain state employees, e.g. military, hospitals).
All Covid related travel restrictions are entirely lifted (Gov Decree 408/2020 on travel restrictions is not effective anymore).
The government has the right to re-introduce restrictions in the future subject to a new wave of the virus.

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