Hungary is OPEN for filming!
First of all Hungary is NOT closed for shooting and production. Hungary has closed its borders for tourist travel but work and business related travel for foreigners into Hungary is ALLOWED.


In terms of the newest covid regulations in Hungary:


Updated on Wednesday, April 7th, 2020. 

 On the 27th of March, the government issued a decree on the conditions for beginning the first stage of a multi-phase reopening in Hungary. Instead of a specific date, it tied the first steps of easing coronavirus restrictions to 2.5 million “inoculated people.” (with at least one jab “inoculated” instead of the two doses needed for full protection) This puts Hungary among the most vaccinated countries in Europe.
Starting Wednesday, April 7th the following restrictions will be eased:
  • The nighttime curfew will be shortened by two hours from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am.
  • Business hours will be extended between 5:00 in the morning and 9:30 at night.
  • Businesses that were shuttered from March 8th will be allowed to reopen, including hairdressers, cosmetologists, and other providers with the stipulation of the number of customers limited to one for every ten square meters.



We have also successfully finished a big commercial production in the first two weeks of January. We were able to finish the entire production COVID free. Additionally, we have successfully finished a Sony production with a crew size of 180 people last week, which was also COVID free. Currently, we are prepping another production to start shooting in April.

 In terms of travel: All citizens of the EU, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Japan, and several other countries, are allowed to enter Hungary for work purpose. They need to provide an invitation letter, which we will send out before arrival but the there is no more quarantine required. Most airlines are requesting a negative PCR test 48 hours before travel and we organise PCR testing on arrival and before leaving the local accommodation for work.


In terms of the covid regulations in Hungary: 

Since November 4th, our government has reintroduced the state of emergency for 90 days. Additionally, since November 10th, a lockdown with a curfew has been issued again, which is imposed between 10PM and 5AM. An exemption is provided for those who are headed to or from their workplace during those hours. All gatherings are prohibited and restaurants are closed except for home delivery and take-out service. Hair-dresses, small craft service providers have to close by 7PM. Leisure facilities are closed, including zoos, museums, theatres, gyms and indoor swimming pools. These restrictions are in place till April 17th.

The good news is that these new regulations do not influence filmproduction as it is work activity, therefore exempt. We can continue preparing and shooting with no interruptions as we have done during the past couple of months.  In terms of night shoots and travel during curfew hours, we have a National Film Institute backed letter format we issue to all cast and crew to carry with them in case of any police checks.

These measure has been taken in order to minimise the outbreak of numbers and ensure to keep Hungary a safe place for shooting. Over the past couple of months, we have already successfully finished several big and small productions and are also preparing incoming projects. We continue to adapt and learn how to manage these new challenges. Our recent experiences are further helping us to enhance and adopt our protocols and evolve in the best possible way to continue ensuring safety on set.

We are working closely with the Hungarian Film Commission to continuously update us on development and enhancements. Please click here for the official Health Protection Plan for Film Shooting during COVID-19 issued by the Hungarian Film Institute.