In terms of the newest covid regulations in Hungary:


Updated on Monday, September 13th, 2021. 

As of Monday, September 13th, Hungary has a vaccination rate of 60%, which continues to increase week after week.
Starting Monday, July 5th most COVID Restrictions will be lifted:
  • No masks are required at any place save for the health care facilities and social institutions.But wearing a mask cannot be prohibited. Anyone should be allowed to wear a mask who choose to do so.
  • Events are allowed as a general rule but the previous restrictions are still applicable with the below changes:
    • Seated cultural performances (e.g. theaters) where visiting is subject to have a ticket and the visitors will sit during the performance are not be deemed as an event.
    • Weddings are allowed up to 400 persons.
    • Other family and private events are allowed up to 100 persons.
    • Sport events, concerts, festivals, dancing events, public gatherings are allowed to be visited with an immunity card only – that is unchanged, no release of restrictions for these kind of ‘mass’ events.
  • Restaurants, bars, hotels, baths etc can be visited without an immunity card. No restrictions for persons/sqm in shops.
In terms of travel:
All Non-EU citizens, such as citizens of the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Japan, and several other countries, are allowed to enter Hungary for work purpose. They need to provide an invitation letter, which we will send out before arrival but the there is no more quarantine required.


For EU Citizens: The EU COVID ID is available from July 1st. The Gov. Decree 408/2020 on travel restrictions is not applicable at all for those traveling with an EU COVID ID.

There will be different types of EU COVID IDs. The EU COVID ID can certify one of the below facts:

  • vaccinated minimum once: the ID is valid within 1 year after the vaccination,
  • recovered from the illness: has antigen in their body which is evidenced by a rapid antigen lab test (and at least 15 days elapsed after the test but no more than 180 days),
  • has a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours.

The EU COVID ID is equal to the Hungarian immunity card if it is necessary to prove immunity in Hungary in any case.


We are working closely with the Hungarian Film Commission to continuously update us on development and enhancements. Please click here for the official Health Protection Plan for Film Shooting during COVID-19 issued by the Hungarian Film Institute.