Following an improvement in conditions of Coronavirus outbreak in Hungary, the Hungarian government has canceled restrictions of free movement as of Monday, May 18th and introduced phases for reopening the country.

For further information about the safety protocol recommended by the Hungarian National Film Institute please click here.


This information is valid as of Monday, July 20th 2020, with the most relevant updates in the first half:

  • Starting July 15th, a new government regulation will go into effect, which states the following:
    •  All countries will be divided into 3 zones by the national chief medical officer: Green ( low number of infections), Yellow ( moderate number of infections), and  Red( high number of infections)
    • Every Wednesday the list of countries will be reevaluated depending on their zone they are divided into.
  • Green zone: citizens of these countries are permitted to enter Hungary without any restrictions. If symptoms develop within 14 days after arrival, the foreign crew shall stay at his/her residence and notify the health authorities.
    • Green zone list of countries: all countries that are not marked as yellow or red. For Example: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Portugal etc.
  • Yellow zone: citizens of these countries are permitted to enter Hungary but a medical check needs to be carried out at the airport and quarantine can apply in certain cases:
    • If medical check confirms a suspicion of COVID ( e.g. fever) entry will be denied.
    • If medical check confirms no suspicion of COVID then 14 days of quarantine can be avoided with the following procedures:
      • 2 negative COVID tests are available from the home country (in English or Hungarian) and showed at time of arrival at the border. These tests have to be taken within 5 days before arrival and need to have at least a 48 hours between them. The test needs to meet the international standard for testing.
      • If there is no test at time of arrival, the local health authority may permit to carry out 2 COVID tests in Hungary for the same purpose. If the 1st test is negative, the local health authority has to release the mandatory quarantine. After the first negative rest and release of quarantine, the crew is allowed to more freely but a 2nd test also needs to be carried out. If the 2nd test comes back positive, the quarantine will be re-instated.
      • Yellow zone list of countries: USA, UK, Canada,Norway, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Japan, China, Bulgaria
  • Red zone: citizens of these countries are banned from entering Hungary. The police may grant individual permission which is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to enter Hungary. In this case, the health authority may grant release of quarantine, but only after the 2nd negative test, with the same proceedings apply as summarized above.
    • Red zone list of countries is also attached.
  • Please note that a similar procedure is in place for Hungarian citizen except that Hungarian citizens can not be denied entry( red zone countries) but quarantine will still apply if entering from a country listed in the red zone.
    • On June 16th, the Hungarian parliament has officially declared the end of a State of Emergency across the entire country. Hungarian president János Áder has signed the law lifting the government’s emergency powers and officially end the state of emergency times.
    • Many coronavirus restrictions will still stay in place till at least August 19th, 2020.
    • In terms of shooting in Hungary and entering the country:
      • Local filming with local crews is possible.
      • Local heath & safety and social distancing rules have to be strictly followed.
        • Please let us know if you have not received the official Health Protection Plan for Film Shooting during COVID-19 issued by the Hungarian Film Institute and we’ll forward you.
  • Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted as of Monday May 18th:
    • All shops, restaurants, cafes and stores are open.
    • Masks are still mandatory to be worn on public transport and inside shops.
    • All public parks, playgrounds, and food markets are open.
  • More airlines are starting operate flights to/from Budapest:
    • Current operating destinations: Madrid, Berlin SXF, Dortmund, Barcelona, Stockholm, Oslo, Eindhoven, London Luton, London Gatwick,Lisbon,Athens, Birmingham, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Basel, Milan, Prague, Warsaw, Tel Aviv,Doha, Sevilla, Paris BVA, Rome, Dublin
    • Current operating airlines: Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Brussels Airline, Czech Air, Easyjet, Finnair, Jet 2, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar Airlines, Swiss Air, Turkish Airways, Wizz Air
  • The majority of hotels, especially all 4 and 5 star hotels have reopened starting June 1st
  • Current total infection numbers are 4339 in Hungary- 511 are currently active cases-3232 have fully recovered – 596 have died