Mission Statement

Diversity and Inclusion

Pioneer has always tried to lead by example and create a culture of inclusion, respect, openness. Since the beginning, the company has been lead by women of different background and nationalities. They have always beat the odds and broke down barriers to create a work environment of open-minded, honest, and inclusive people.  Regardless of who they work with, who they work for, and who works for them, Pioneer still thrives to represent these values. Because setting an example is the only way to make our world a better place. The only way to move forward, the way only to break down barriers, is by taking action. Holding ourselves to the highest regard and do what we can do to be better. Because actions speak louder than words. 

Green Campaign

Pioneer is committed to enhance environmental measures in order to further establish sustainable productions. It is the responsibility for all of us to act now and shift the mindset of our industry. So we have recently become a proud partner of the Green the Bid organisation to continue to support this movement.
The ultimate goal is to shift our industry to zero-waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices. We understand the responsibility we have towards the future of our planet and for the next generations to come. Our aim is to become a Green Leader in production in Hungary and set a standard for everyone to follow since we can only achieve this together.