Shooting in Hungary

Tax Rebate

Hungary introduced a simple and transparent tax incentive mechanism in 2003 to stimulate local film production activities. The results speak for themselves, the overall spending on film productions have increased significantly and now Hungary is among the top countries in Europe to host international and Hungarian film productions.

Film Law

In order to enhance and preserve the values of Hungarian motion picture culture, to develop the Hungarian film industry and to make it internationally competitive, to create a support system that promotes the efficient use of resources with a view to the development of the culture of films and to establish a legal background that serves this purpose and is in line with the regulations of the European Union, the Parliament of Hungary drafts the following act.

Your Stay in Budapest

On the following page you will find a collection of useful information to assist you
during your stay in Hungary. In addition to basic “survival info” there is also a short introduction to the country and its capital city, Budapest with a list of its “must-see” sights and a few suggestions for restaurants, bars and clubs to help you make the most of your visit.

This document is intended to serve as a quick-reference guide and we hope you will find it useful as such. Nevertheless, if you have any further questions or need anything special please let us know, and we would gladly help out with whatever you may need.

We wish you a very pleasant stay.


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