Mission Statement

Diversity and Inclusion

Pioneer has always tried to lead by example and create a culture of inclusion, respect, openness. Since the beginning, the company has been lead by women of different background and nationalities. They have always beat the odds and broke down barriers to create a work environment of open-minded, honest, and inclusive people.  Regardless of who they work with, who they work for, and who works for them, Pioneer still thrives to represent these values. Because setting an example is the only way to make our world a better place. The only way to move forward, the way only to break down barriers, is by taking action. Holding ourselves to the highest regard and do what we can do to be better. Because actions speak louder than words.

At Pioneer we take action. So we want to create a workplace of diversity, which accepts, understands, and respects people of different backgrounds and beliefs. This way we can create a workplace where we bring the most talented and diverse people together, who bring their best work to the table. We aim to thrive these changes within our teams, crews, and cast. Understanding and respecting each other’s differences will help everyone to be more tolerant and open towards these changes. It will be led by inclusive and effective leaders, who understand and represent thse changes.

We want to try to make our crews represent people of all sections of society. This is a long-term goal that takes time but it is important to get started. We are ready for this- are you?