Watch the teaser trailer for Lee

LEE, the directorial feature from award-winning Cinematographer Ellen Kuras, portrays a pivotal decade in the life of American war correspondent and photographer, Lee Miller (Kate Winslett). Miller’s singular talent and unbridled tenacity resulted in some of the 20th century’s most indelible images of war.

“You find this middle-aged woman who’s just thrown herself in the middle of this battlefield—that is what Lee Miller did,” Kuras says. “She went out there and threw herself into war to be able to search for the truth. She knew that there was something there. She wanted to find out what was happening on the front lines. It was not a place where women were permitted. Women weren’t seen. So she was a surprising but galvanizing presence wherever she went.”



The film stars Kate Winslet, Josh O’Connor, Andrea Riseborough, Andy Samberg, Alexander Skarsgård & Marion Cotillard.


Roadside Attractions and Vertical will release LEE only in theaters on September 27th, 2024.