‘Radioactive’ Trailer | TIFF 2019

“Marie Curie gets her overdue biopic in a century-spanning drama.”  – Variety


“Death, illness and disappointment riddle Radioactive, an uneven but intelligent biopic about Marie Curie that fights against its inherent conventionality. Aided by Rosamund Pike’s edgy, sneakily vulnerable portrayal of the two-time Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Persepolis director Marjane Satrapi measures the full weight of Curie’s achievements, asking whether her discoveries brought more harm than good — both to her and the world.” – Screen Daily


“Radioactive is a nice reminder that one ardent, brilliant woman was responsible for so much good in the world, with a legacy spanning decades, but it also came at a serious cost.” – Collider


“At a time when accomplished women are being reappraised and celebrated as heroines, Radioactive, Marjane Satrapi’s study of the life, work and lasting influence of Polish scientist Marie Curie, is a timely reminder of this exceptional woman’s achievements.” – The Hollywood Reporter


“Satrapi’s willingness to experiment captures the radiant spirit of the daring subject at its center.”  – Indie Wire


“Pike’s performance is tough, intelligent and full of complex emotional layers befitting one of history’s most accomplished figures.” – Now Toronto



Amazon Studios plans to release the film in 2020.