What to watch in November

‘The King’

Streaming now on Netflix

Timothée Chalamet plays King Henry V in this thoughtful reimagining of William Shakespeare’s “Henriad” cycle of history plays. Directed by David Michôd and co-written by Michôd with Joel Edgerton (who also plays the young monarch’s loving, boisterous adviser Falstaff), “The King” features a modernized spin on Shakespeare’s language, and has a more streamlined narrative. The tweaks mostly freshen the material, distilling the original texts into the story of an underprepared rich kid, forced to rise to the occasion and become a leader.


Tuesdays on USA Network

Table Read

Before Treadstone came to the small screen there was a big, epic table read.

Közzétette: Treadstone – 2019. október 18., péntek

The fast-paced Bourne series is a surprise success. Deftly avoiding franchise fatigue, this globe-hopping action caper ambitiously expands Robert Ludlum’s canvas for a fun, if functionally made, show

Outside the United States, the series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on January 10, 2020